The Ease Of Use Of Google Classroom Technology Among Secondary School Teachers In Malaysia


  • Rozeman Rodin Ahmad UTM
  • Zainudin Hassan UTM
  • Nor Hidayah A Wahab UTM


Google Classroom, Home Teaching and Learning (PdPR), teaching and learning, Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran di Rumah (PdPR), Pembelajaran dan Pemudahcaraan (PdPc)


Implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) Policy in Malaysia requires the cooperation of all parties including teachers and parents to implement Home Teaching and Learning (PdPR) and one of the famous learning mediums today is that Google classroom an application makes it easier for teachers to create, distribute and review student assignments without using papers. This study aims to study the facilitation and harness of google classroom technology among teachers as well as the teacher's true attitude and behavior towards the use of google classroom. In the study, studiers used qualitative methods by semi-structured interviews to collect data and study information. Coding methods have been used to analyze the findings. The samples were intended to be used to select respondents according to the appropriate criteria set by the reviewer. The sample consisted of six teachers, including five female teachers and one male teacher of secondary school in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The results showed that teachers gave a positive insight into google classroom as a simplifying, flexible and safe-to-use technology. They also acknowledge that google classrooms can improve the effectiveness of teacher's work performance, help them diversify learning materials and be able to actively interest in the learning process. Teachers express google classroom technology which is satisfactory and enjoyable as it can improve the productivity and performance of teachers while enhancing technological usage skills than ever before. It is suggested that teachers need to be creative and innovative in diversifying teaching and learning techniques to ensure that their teaching and learning is more attractive through the exploration of various interesting functions in this application.




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